Please note that Half-Width (HW) and Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) terms are considered equivalent and used interchangeably on this web-site



Example of typical order

Quantity of filters 10
Transmittance in maximum at least 40%
Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 3mm max
Diameter tolerance +/- 1mm
Center wavelength 410 nm
Central wavelength tolerance +/- 2nm
Bandwidth (FWHM) 20 nm
Bandwidth tolerance +/- 5 nm
Blocking (Tf%) 0.1%
Blocking range 200-800 nm

Other relevant parameters

  • Environmental: temperature, humidity, angle of incidence

  • Bandwidth at 0.1 peak transmittance, nm

  • Surface quality

  • Exposed/enclosed design

  • Bandshape (for example, the number of cavities)

  • etc.